Condition Surveys & Diagnosis

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Concrete Condition Surveys & Diagnosis

A detailed Concrete Condition Survey of the reinforced concrete structure by trained and experienced personnel on-site, is always necessary in order to correctly determine the extent and nature of any concrete damage. This should be followed by suitable off-site diagnosis and laboratory assessment of the root cause(s) of the concrete damage by qualified personnel, as an essential prerequisite to any successful concrete refurbishment project.

An outline of the typical structure and content of the Concrete Condition Survey and the Diagnostic Laboratory Testing and Assessment requirements of the Concrete Damage is given below for the assistance of our customers and their clients:

Concrete Repair Site works closely with the leading Concrete Condition Survey specialists and Concrete Test Houses (for accurate concrete damage diagnosis and assessment in their laboratories), all around the UK.


Our concrete repair experts can advise you on the most appropriate procedures for your specific concrete repair project’s condition survey, then we can either support you to complete as much as possible of this work yourself, or provide details of experienced professionals to do this work for you.

This obviously includes companies experienced in conducting the Structural Condition Survey itself, companies providing Specialist Access (i.e. using climbing platforms or abseiling techniques), details of Concrete Testing Houses and Laboratories, then perhaps most importantly, experienced specialists in the Concrete Damage Diagnosis and Assessment. This is all required in order to determine the most appropriate Principles and Methods of Repair, together with the right materials specifications and to ensure selection of the most suitable and cost effective Specialist Concrete Repair Contractor.

It is also sometimes possible that one of our network of Specialist Concrete Repair Contractors will actually be able to carry out this Concrete Condition Survey and even some of the Concrete Damage Diagnosis work Free of Charge as part of a negotiated project – This is because, armed with the results and the detailed information on the extent and nature of your requirements, a fixed price / lump sum contract for the whole refurbishment project can be negotiated and agreed – This can often save considerable time and money for everybody involved, particularly in time and tendering costs, BUT still ensuring a cost effective solution with a fixed Bill of Quantities and a Schedule of Rates that will allow work to proceed smoothly and harmoniously.

Typical Concrete Condition Survey & Diagnosis Procedures / Requirements

Assessment of the damaged or deteriorated reinforced concrete structure during and following the Concrete Condition Survey should only be made by qualified and experienced people. This process of concrete damage assessment and the concrete condition survey report must always include the following important aspects:

  • The condition of the structure including all visible, non-visible and potential concrete damage and defects.
  • A review of the past, current and future concrete exposure and service functions and requirements.
Determine the Concrete Repair and Protection Options and Objectives

With most damaged or deteriorated reinforced concrete structures, the owner always has a number of options which will effectively decide the appropriate concrete repair and concrete protection strategy that will meet the future service and exposure requirements of the structure. These options will include to:

  • Do nothing (for a certain time).
  • Downgrade the capacity of the structure or its function.
  • Prevent or reduce further damage without repair or improvement.
  • Improve, strengthen or refurbish all or part of the structure.
  • Reconstruct all or part of the structure.
  • Demolish the structure.
Important Factors When Considering the Concrete Repair Options:
  • Intended design life following concrete repair and protection.
  • The required concrete durability, performance and requirements.
  • How will loads be carried before, during and after the repair works.
  • The possibility for further concrete repair works in the future including access and maintenance.
  • The costs of the alternative concrete repair options and different possible solutions.
  • The consequences and likelihood of structural concrete failure.
  • The consequences and likelihood of any partial concrete failure (spalling concrete, steel corrosion, water ingress etc.).
Environmental Considerations for Concrete Repair and Protection
  • The need for protection from the sun, rain, frost, wind, salt and/or other pollutants during the concrete repair works.
  • The environmental impact of, or restrictions on, the works in progress, particularly the noise and dust, plus the time needed to carry out the concrete repair and protection work.
  • The likely environmental/aesthetic impact of the improved/reduced appearance of alternative concrete repair options and solutions.

In response to requests from our customers we have also now added an Online Shop where the most commonly required Concrete Repair and Concrete Facade Protection Products can be selected and ordered if you know what you require.

For independent advice and detailed information on your specific concrete repair and / or concrete protection project requirements, please follow the links in the text, or tabs at the Top and Left of this page, or you can also call any of our offices and one of our concrete repair experts will be pleased to assist you.