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Grouts & Resin Anchors

Cement grouts and epoxy resin grouts for construction applications including repair grouting baseplates, grouting machine bases, rails and all sorts of voids in new construction and repair works.

These grouts have all been selected by our engineering and contracting customers as the best non-shink cement based grouts and the even higher strength and performance epoxy resin grout, plus special polyester resin grouts and epoxy-acrylate, gun applied structural and dowel bar fixing grouts such as the Sika Anchorfix range.

We stock and supply these market and performance leading grouts from the world's leading manufacturers with UK production (for cost effectiveness) - these are Sika, Fosroc and BASF, and this means we recommend the leading cement and epoxy grouting brands of Lockfix, Lockset, Conbextra, SikaGrout, Sikadur, Sika Anchorfix and Masterflow grouts.

NCC Concrete repair Site experts can also provide detailed technical and practical advice and assistance to engineers and contractors on most construction grouting requirements, including material specifications and method statements to ensure efficient defect free grouting results.

At each of our depots we stock the full range of the best construction grouts, for all common construction grouting requirements and many specialist grouting applications designed for use in rapid hardening structural assembly and grouting applications.

Sika Armorex L2 High Flow
Sika Armorex L2 High Flow is a one part, high flow, shrinkage compensated, high strength, rapid strength gaining, cementitious grout. It is designed for precision, high performance grouting underneath machine bases, structural steelwork stanchion bases, grouting around precast concrete units, fixing anchor bars and various different applications in concrete repair works.

Sika Armorex L2 High Flow can be used for grouting in layer thicknesses of between 10 and 100 mm, where it can achieve a strnght in excess of 40 Mpa in 24 hours Testing: Conforms to the UK Department of Transport Specification Clause 2601, 6th & 7th Editions

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SikaGrout-212 is a one part, flowable, shrinkage compensated, cementitious grout for multiple grouting applications in construction, including grouting under stanchion and machine baseplates and concrete repairs. Meets the requirements of Class R4 of BS EN 1504-3 & BS EN 1504-6.

SikaGrout-212 is pre-batched for quality control only water is added on site, where it is easy to mix and apply by pouring or it can be pumped for grouting thicknesses of between 10 and75 mm.

SikaGrout-212 has excellent flow properties, good rates of compressive strength gain, minimal shrinkage, plus it does not segregate or bleed.

SikaGrout-212 is compatible with Sika® FerroGard® corrosion inhibitors, overcoatable with Sika reprofiling/levelling mortars and coatings, plus has a fire rating and protection properties equivalent to good concrete.  

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Sikadur-42 HE Epoxy Grout
Sikadur-42 HE Epoxy Grout is a three-component, high performance, high precision, moisture tolerant, epoxy resin grout. It is designed for use at temperatures between +5°C and +30ºC in applications such as the high-strength and precision grouting and fixing of base plates, machinery rail tracks, bridge bearings etc., plus the fixing of starter bars, anchors, fasteners, tie-rods, crash barrier posts, handrails and ballustrades etc.

Sikadur-42 HE Epoxy Grout provides high early strength and is fast curing, even at low temperatures. it is supplied in ready-to-mix, pre-batched units and is easy to mix and apply, non-shrink, plus is tolerant of damp substrates and humid environments.

When cured Sikadur-42 HE Epoxy Grout is corrosion and chemically resistant, high mechanical strengths and impact resistant, vibration resistant, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and good creep resistance Testing: Approval / Standards Testing according to EN 1504-6.

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Sika Anchorfix-1
Sika Anchorfix-1 is a solvent and styrene free, two part, polyester resin based anchoring adhesive grout. It is used as a multi-purpose, fast curing, anchoring adhesive for grouting and fixing steel rebars / reinforcing steel starter bars, anchor bolts and other special fastening systems.

Sika Anchorfix-1 is designed for use in concrete, masonry and natural stone substrates, it is easily applied using standard sealant guns, it can be used at low temperatures, has low odour and non-sag - even overhead, meaning it is also very low wastage.

Sika Anchorfix-1 cures rapidly (approximately 1 hour at 20 C), and it has a high load capacity (approximately 50 Mpa after full cure at 7 days). 

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Sika Anchorfix-2

Sika Anchorfix-2 is a high-performance, 2-part, resin anchoring adhesive grout that is solvent and styrene free, epoxy acrylate resin based. It is used as a fast curing anchoring adhesive for steel rebars / reinforcing steel bars, threaded rods and anchor nolts into concrete, masonry and natural stone substrates. Sika Anchorfix-2 is easy to apply with standard sealant guns, is low odour and non-sag so ideal for overhead applications as well.

Sika Anchorfix-2 is fast curing (approximately 60 minutes at 10 to 20 C)and has a high load capacity (approximately 60 Mpa). Testing: Meets European Technical Approval ETAG 001 Part 5 Option 7

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Sikadur 33

Sikadur-33 is a high-performance, 2-part, epoxy resin based two part structural adhesive grout supplied in an easy to use cartridge. It is used as a structural adhesive for concrete repairs and fixing / anchoring applications such as the vertical and overhead repair of concrete corners and edges, hole and void filling, joint arrises and crack sealing(non moving), fixing and sealing fixtures and fittings or fastenings for handrails, railings, balustrades etc., plus fixing window and door frames.

Sikadur-33 can be used for fixing and grouting in concrete, natural stone, masonry and wood. It can be used on damp concrete, it is non-sag(including overhead), has a high load capacity (approximately 50 Mpa)and is fast curing with shrinkage-free hardening. Testing: Approval / Standards Testing according to EN 1504-4

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Sika-MonoTop-614F Flowable Repair Mortar

Sika® MonoTop-614F is a cement based, one component flowable repair mortar (High Flow) containing shrinkage compensators and high range water-reducing agents, meeting the requirements of Class R4 of BS EN 1504-3. It is designed for flow application into horizontal areas of repair, or shuttered / formwork surrounded repair to structural concrete. plus for forming crane rails and machine bases as a micro-concrete in a structural grouting operation up to 200mm thick.

Sika® MonoTop-614F is supplied pre-bagged with only water to be added on site to achieve the desired consistency for pumping or pouring into place without additional compaction necessarily being required.

Sika® MonoTop-614F has an adjustable consistency and so is easy to pump or pour, it is shrinkage compensated, forming an excellent and highly durable bond to the parent concrete.

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