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Hydrophobic Impregnations

Hydrophobic Impregnations are designed to penetrate and impregnate the concrete surface, where they line the pores and capillaries of the cement matrix. and then repel water due to the hydrophobic nature of their molecules.

There are several different types of Hydrophobic Impregnation materials that are suitable for use on concrete surfaces. These are usually based on Silane or Siloxane resins, or a combination of both - Do not compare these high performance materials with the largely ineffective and rapidly degrading 'water repellants' sold in Builders Merchants and DIY stores, as these are a complete waste of money and usually based on inferior silicone or silicate solutions, or very dilute versions of these resins. The protective effect of these inferior systems is unlikely to even last for a year - significantly less on surfaces exposed to regular sunlight and rainfall (including those that 'do exactly what it says on the tin' - Note that they do not say how long it will do this for!!!).

So -If you know the type of system that you require then you can order it here, alternativly if you need advice or assistance on selecting the most appropriate hydrophobic impregnation for the performance and durability that you require on your project, then please call any of our offices and one of our specialists will assist you.

Sikagard-700S Aquastop

Sikagard-700S Aquastop is a highly penetrative, solvented, Siloxane resin based, one part, hydrophobic water repellent impregnation for absorbent cement based substrates. It penetrates well into the open pores of the substrate, providing a durable water repellency, while still allowing water vapour diffusion in both directions.

Sikagard-700S is used as a water repellent and colourless protective surface treatment (i.e against water and chloride ingress), for absorbent exposed cementitious materials such as concrete,  Cement render, tiles, fibre cement panels, brickwork, natural stone etc.

Sikagard-700S penetrates into the surface and lines the pores and capillaries, which greatly reduces capillary water absorption. This results in the surface water repellency with continued water vapour diffusibility. As a result this improves resistance to frost and de-icing salts, reduces efflorescence and other staining, reduces dirt pick-up and improves thermal insulation.

Sikagard-700S can be overcoated with water dispersed protective coatings such as Sikagard Elastocolor 675W and 550W for increased resistance to carbonation, decoration and crack-bridging properties respectively.

Sikagard-700S will provide far greater durability and resistance than conventional silicone based treatments and does usually change the appearance of the substrate - except in wet weather obviously when the lack of water penetration means that the surfaces will not darken.

Application is by brush, roller or traditional low spray techniques. 

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Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe

Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe is a highly effective, solvent-free and water dispersed, Siloxane resin based concentrate that is diluted with clean water to produce a cost effective hydrophobic impregnation. This is designed to pentrate into the substrate and add water repellancy to exposed concrete and cement based surfaces.

Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe is used as a pentrative water proofing impregnation for mineral substrates including concrete and cementitious rendering, natural and reconstructed stone, aerated concrete, brickwork etc. against driving rain and water ingress.

Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe reduces capillary water absorption and the absorption of harmful substances dissolved in water; yet there is no change in water vapour permeability, allowing each way vapur diffusion to continue in accordance with good building physics.

The penetrative treatment of Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe is usually invisible, not modifying the substrate appearance. It greatly improves resistance to dirt pick up and reduces fungi, algae and lichen growths.

Sikagard-702W Aquaphobe is highly cost effective because it is diluted from between 1:4 to 1:9 before use, according to the density of the substrate, plus the performance and durability required. Application is by brush, roller or traditional low pressure spray and is normally is carried out in 2 coats to ensure optimum penetration and absorption to give a highly durable and long lasting water repelling protection.

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