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Bonding Bridges / Bonding Primers

Bonding Bridges or Bonding Primers are principally slurry brush applied coatings designed to 'wet-out' the necessarily roughened profile of broken out damaged concrete areas prior to application of the concrete repair mortar. These concrete repair materials are used to ensure the optimum bond from the new repair mortar to the exisiting prepared concrete substrate, by preventing excess moisture absorption into the parent concrete and making complete and thorough coverage of the entire specific surface area (i.e. thoroughly wetting out the peaks and troughs of the interface to ensure a complete and therefore optimum bond-line.

The standard material we recommend today is Sika MonoTop-610 as this is the easiest one-component material to mix and apply, plus for concrete repairs frequently exposed or to be immersed in water, we suggest SikaTop-121 which is extremely watertight. Then for extreme exposure or particularly large surface repairs or extended waiting times then we recommend Sika Armatec 110 EpoCem as the ideal material.

Please refer to the details abd the respective PDS below to make the selection of the right product for your particular project. Alternatively please call any of our offices and one of our specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Sika MonoTop 610

Sika MonoTop-610 is a one component, polymer modified cement based, steel reinfircement primer and a bonding bridge primer for MonoTop concrete repair mortars. Sika MonoTop-610 also contains added corrosion inhibitors and is designed to be used to provide additional corrosion protection to steel reinforcement and to bond Sika MonoTop concrete repair mortars to existing concrete structures. It is particulalry useful in areas of low concrete cover and in the presence of chlorides.

Sika MonoTop-610 is supplied as a pre-batched powder that only requires mixing with water. The mixed consistency can be adjusted to suit the type and method of application, which can be by brush or spray. Sika MonoTop-610 is approved as being suitable for drinking water contact as part of the Sika MonoTop concrete repair and protection system.

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SikaTop-121 is a two component, polymer modified, cement based, bonding bridge and waterproof mortar comprising of a liquid polymer incorporating admixtures and a special cement based powder mix.

SikaTop-121 is designed as a multi-pupose product with its main uses being as a bonding bridge primer for SikaTop repair mortars, a concrete repair smoothing coat/levelling mortar, a waterproof and watertight tile adhesive and as a waterproof tanking layer for lift pits and tanks etc. against ground water ingress into them and equally for water tanks, pools, etc, against leakage out of them. As a waterproofing material SikaTop-121 is normally applied on the positive pressure side in contact with the water, inorder to minimise water ingress into the structure.

SikaTop-121 is totally pre-batched for Quality Control and no additional water is required and should not be added on site.

SikaTop-121 is part of the SikaTop Concrete Repair System, it is BBA approved and also DWI Approved for use in contact with drinking water.

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SikaTop-Armatec-110-EpoCem is a unique product which is an epoxy resin modified, cement based, 3-component material that also includes corrosion inhibitors. It is designed to be used as both an exposed steel reinforcement primer and as a bonding bridge primer for subsequently applied cement based repair mortars.

SikaTop-Armatec-110-EpoCem meets the requirements of European Standard EN 1504-7 and is tested and approved for the control of anodic areas in acordance with EN 1504-9, Principle 11, Method 11.1

SikaTop-Armatec-110-EpoCem provides additional corrosion protection for the steel reinforcement and increases the bond of repair mortars through increased wetting and contact on the bondline at the interface. SikaTop-Armatec-110-EpoCem also has a long pot life, is easy to mix and can be brush or spray applied. It is specifically tested and approved for application under dynamic load conditions,.

As a result the product has greatly extended open times when compared with cement-only based bonding bridge primers, and unlike pure epoxy resin bonding bridge primers, it is vapour permeable and behaves as an integral part of the concrete structure. Additionally SikaTop-Armatec-110-EpoCem has high resistance to water and chloride penetration and a high shear strength.

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